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How to Repair Hartmann Luxury Luggage 5 Steps Pack your luggage in a box. Mail the box and the Repair Request Form, using a tracking number, to Hartmann, Attention: Repair Department, 200 Hartmann Drive, Lebanon, TN 37087. Fill out your contact information on the Repair Request Form, including your phone number and email address.

Receive a phone call from the Hartmann repair specialist. Confirm the repairs you need and agree to the charges that Hartmann quotes so the company can complete your request. Repairs generally take 4to6 weeks to complete.

Take your luggage to a Hartmann dealer that offers instore repair services. Perform your own simple repairs at home by ordering replacement parts directly from Hartmann. Call the parts department at 8003310613 during regular business hours, or mail a letter to Hartmann, Parts Department, 200 Hartmann Drive, Lebanon, TN 37087.

How to Repair Hartmann Luggage How to Repair Hartmann Luggage. . order parts from the Hartmann parts department, and attempt the repairs Valentino Shoes yourself. Contact them Monday through.